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The goal of the new book I’m working on is to publish some ideas for public consumption on how to live one’s life more abundantly. The first chapter is about diet. That may seem a strange way to begin a book about life, but without a proper diet leading to a healthy body, there isn’t much chance of having a healthy brain with a fully functioning mind capable of adapting ideally to its whole body’s environment.

It is estimated that a billion people are presently obese to the point it is interfering with their present health. There may also be an equivalent number of people who are underweight from an absolute lack of sufficient nutrients. Those are obviously very generalized numbers but they are indicative of a truly massive problem for humanity. The world food situation for humans at present is probably better than at any time in the hundred thousand years that modern humans have been living on Earth. The evidence for that assertion is the rapidly expanding world population, which could only occur if there was an abundance of food. Until there is some form of fertility control that is acceptable worldwide, nature will assert itself with occasional famines. What I hope to accomplish with the new diet strategy is fewer people becoming obese or emaciated.

Hopefully when people understand what they need to do to best overcome either obesity or emaciation with the resources available to them, they can at least nudge their behavior in the best direction. When the population being offered a solution to a problem is two billion, then even a tiny change in the behavior of a small percentage of them is impacting a vast number of people.

Clearly, the current diet industry that purportedly grosses a half a trillion dollars per year is failing their public because the percentage of obese people is growing rapidly. One of the strange misconceptions our current public has is the idea of beginning a diet on New Year’s Day. It is going against a billion years of evolution to begin a diet during the time of year when food is becoming most difficult to obtain.

There are other obviously wrong ideas we can easily change with correct information.