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Nothing intellectually challenging happened today but there is still a struggle with having various workers in our house. They are good people and I do enjoy talking with them but all the same, it is invasive. The ceiling is now patched and the first coat of mud and sanding accomplished so the living room and the two bedrooms look okay to a very quick walkthrough. The furniture is still off to one side so those rooms have a reduced functionality. The external things are fixed and their major features such as the fences are all up and the roof is reshingled and the solar panels are reinstalled and working. Another three days and all the major interior work will be finished. Then we can call some gardeners and housekeepers to clean up things and make them more livable again. Quite frankly I’m not feeling up to doing those things. Our back yard has fifteen foot wide and one foot high mounds where each of the former Ponderosa trees were living. It would require major physical work to flatten those things out and professionals would probably bring in some equipment, and besides the whole back yard needs to be rototilled to make it more ready to replant grass after the hundred years of pine tree detritus has been chemically rebalanced to where grass will grow. With the trees gone and more direct sunshine, we could probably have a large garden rather than just a few rows of vegetables.

This afternoon the wind blew strongly for a few minutes, and the neighbors beyond the one whose house was destroyed last month by a falling Ponderosa tree came over and said the tree next to the destroyed house was swaying dangerously. There has been no effort to rebuild that destroyed house yet and it is still under a big tarp. The lady that was living in that house was taken care of for a few days by the Red Cross but I haven’t heard what happened to her since that day.

Five big trees fell within striking distance of our house but only one of them hit us. There are still about five that could hit us but only two that are really dangerous. The worst one is my favorite tree in the whole world at this moment. We named it Moe from the three stooges. Curly was removed a year ago; he was sick. Larry fell last month in the windstorm, and Moe has been cracking our foundation under my feet, so, I hate to say it but it looks like it’s either him or me. Like Oscar Wilde said about the ugly wallpaper in his room in Paris, “One of us has got to go!” Oscar lost that one and died. I like Moe and he’s lived a good life for two hundred years and he would probably outlive me if I let him alone, but …

Sometimes I must take care of my own probable future.