Yesterday afternoon I started an uncontrollable tickle-induced coughing. It wasn’t much, only once about every five minutes. I attributed it to the dust that had been stirred up by the various construction projects in and around my house, even though the coughing spells were away from home. Perhaps it was just some particle of who-knows-what finding its way to a triggering nerve.

Between six PM and about ten PM, there weren’t any symptoms, but about four AM I woke up with the clear feeling that I had a cold. Should I begin my hot bath routine, or should I go back to bed and start doing it about nine AM? I chose to go back to bed; however, I didn’t go back to sleep and was slowly feeling even more like I was sick. Soooo, I got back up and began my usual hot bath sequence, with a small exception: I only raised my body temperature to 100.5° F. The usual routine is 102° F. The reason for the lower temperature is that I’m getting older and getting some arrhythmias occasionally, about one per minute when my temperature goes up to 100.5° F. My normal sitting in front of my computer temperature is 96.8° F., which is two degrees low for a normal adult but is average for an eighty-two-year-old.

Today I feel okay but I did take two baths as per my normal routine and I have been avoiding my friends so I won’t give them a cold.