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I had several good conversations with my friends today. Some at the UU after sermon gathering time. Some at my favorite coffee shop and as always on my walks with Debbie. However, the ongoing crap associated with the Ponderosa tree that fell on my house a month ago is getting to me — the heavy equipment and numerous guys in our yards, front and back and sides, and with our neighbors too, plus the electrical guys messing with the exploding transformer near the front of our house and the hazmat team cleaning up the oil splattered all over our house. Of course, the roofers replacing our roof wasn’t too bad, just noise overhead. And talking with the representatives of all the various groups was sort of fun and pleasant, but ultimately trying of my patience. All of that pales to what’s happening now.

The problem now is that most of the exterior work is done, except for the fences and replanting the yard. Those aren’t minor messes after four trees and their stumps have been removed leaving strange holes and mounds and debris all scattered about. It was raked up – sort of –  but it still doesn’t look even remotely like a cared-for yard. But the real problem begins tomorrow with the interior ceilings being replaced. That required moving furniture and all sorts of other accumulated stuff out of three rooms so the guys can do their work. That was complicated by the limbs coming through the attic which brought lots of blown insulation drifting around the inside of our house. It makes me sneeze and cough quite a lot. That will probably get worse as they pull down broken and punctured ceiling paneling so they can replace it. Above the paneling, there is surely fifty years of accumulated dust that will come into our house and go everywhere. Perhaps they will be done in a week, maybe not.

Home is usually a refuge from the world, but now going out is the easy time and being home is living in a dusty mess.