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A diary-like entry.

I must have been excited today because I talked myself hoarse by 10 AM. The plans for a diet book have been going along nicely, and spinning some new ideas past my friends apparently entertains them enough to maintain their interest. My contention is that the half-trillion-dollar diet industry is fighting a losing battle at present because they are not facing the fundamental issue of why people are getting obese. My little group of four people was surrounded in a public restaurant by eight obese ones. The only person not clearly way overweight was a two-year-old child. That was unusual because looking further out there were only a few more. All the same, it’s an indicator of a worldwide epidemic.

I was sometimes yammering on about my feelings of guilt about not working harder on my diet book. My guilt springs from my knowing I can help a high percentage of the billion people at risk of sickness and early death and I am being dilatory in my progress. My plan was to work on the diet book full-time after finishing the nonsense project of projecting lines all over the Seven Sages of Greece mosaic last week. However, today I did make real progress and I consider the few minutes writing this post to putting those vast numbers of obese people at unnecessary risk.

Other personal news. Last week I had a dental crown put in. It was almost a non-event because there wasn’t any pain and it didn’t take very long. The procedures may have been a bit complicated for the dentist and his assistant but for me, it was a half hour or less of sitting patiently on a couple of occasions while they did their thing. I departed home and returned well within an hour each time and now, supposedly I am a better person. At least I am very marginally a prettier one and I can bite more fiercely.

The home repair after the ponderosa tree falling on our house last month is progressing well, the roof and solar panels are up and functioning and the ceiling guy came by this afternoon to lay out his actions for next week. That will be far more of an event than my getting a dental crown because I will have a guy running around inside my house instead of a crew on the roof and in the back yard.

Life is made more meaningful by a sequence of significant events. Or is it just a bother?