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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Awakening is the first action of doing.

To awaken is to begin doing something purposeful.

To look, to see, to perceive; to listen, to hear, to comprehend; to touch, to feel, to know; these are the steps of awakening.

To awaken is to open oneself to live all of the words in the thesaurus and their combinations.

You are awake if you are paying attention to the events of your living moment.

To drift in daydreams is to be voluntarily swirling about in purposelessness and oblivion.

When I drift into dreams it feels like a concentration of my essential being.

As a man pontificates about the truth he shrivels as a knower of his moment.

Actions speak the truth of an awakening and words conceal it.

A full life is a flow of awakenings to purposeful actions.

Words are a thin projection of a visible film upon a solid reality that soon evaporates.

An enlightened person works with the world that exists and brings it to one that might be better.

Is anyone awake? Or are we just pretending to be awake?

We awaken to our new reality every moment and yet there is a tremendous inertia compelling our old reality to dominate everything we do.

My path is seeking new vistas and organizing what is already there into comprehensible patterns.

It is possible to evolve into a new reality when one perceives a formerly invisible goal.

You may awaken from sorrow or joy, from happiness or despair; you may grasp at beauty or ugliness and it is always you who is doing it. Awake to the best life available.

Awake to the best life available to you.