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Clockwork Purple prompt of May 8, 2017, 10 AM

The Secret Places of the Lion by George Hunt Williamson

page 105, line 9 – prompt – 45 minutes –

“If we must have a ‘Pharaoh of the Oppression,’ it would be Horemheb, for he persecuted his own people as much as the Hebrews.”

I don’t need no stinking pharaoh ruling over me. No oppression either. Horemheb got civilization off to a really bad start with all of that stacking up of stones into a gigantic pyramid to please his egotistical maniacal monstrous hallucinations. He gave human individuals, and humanity in general, a taste for brutal submission to an idea which even nowadays, some four thousand years later we haven’t gotten over. Some of us have dedicated our lives to trying to solve this problem, that of liberating our human minds from the oppression of a supposedly greater being than our own mind telling us what is good for us, and what we should think and what we should do.

As I write these thoughts on our Western traditions of submission to powerful human-like figures telling us what to do, I realized it was ever thus with all civilizations. It appears they all got their start with piling up various pieces of Mother Earth. It was a totally separate society in Japan that made the Key Hole pyramids, erected to please some sort of deity, but that effort had to be driven by some egomaniac human being with despotic fantasies. Horemheb wasn’t unique in his oppressions.

Just north of modern Mexico City there are some magnificent pyramids. I’ve been inside of Teotihuacan’s enormous Pyramid of the Sun, and a hundred miles to the east of there are reported to be the biggest pyramids in the world still buried under a thousand years of overgrowth. None of these pyramids were built by the gods, or the rulers; they were built by myriads of now unknown people somehow being compelled by their overlords to make big piles of stones and dirt.

Even in remote South America, which was until recently the most remote place from human origins, there are the Moche pyramids, some of them still buried but now being exhumed for the tourist trade.

It seems everywhere I cast my thoughts to the beginnings of history and of civilizations there is someone, somehow, compelling multitudes of people to pile up rocks and dirt and do other absurd stuff.

Even here in the United States we seem to have this strange need to pile something up toward the heavens. What rational need is there to organize millions of people to put a man on the Moon to take a few steps and collect a few rocks and bring home some dirt?

Our mind-manipulating leaders have sent us ordinary people on wild goose chases from the beginning of history. It appears we humans have a genetically built-in need to strive for something preposterous. All it needs to get this crazy DNA thing going is an idea that touches the human stupid button.

Horemheb was one of the first, but we presently have new masters of the absurd running our American government and our minds. It appears that other people of other countries of our current world have the same need because they are choosing people for their leaders who have the need to oppress them with idiotic ideas.

If we must have a “Pharaoh of the Oppression,” it appears we have elected the perfect man. He is famous for his great wall of a “pyramid” that is now being stretched out over a thousand miles of desert. For the present moment, he is just building his Great Wall but what’s next? It’s like the Great Wall of China, which was a vast collection of stones strung out to promote and protect some maniac’s ego. Why don’t the slaves just ignore the ones who get these stupid things started? The not so obvious answer is … because it is built into the human DNA to want an unreachable goal to strive for. To struggle as a group, as a whole society, as a whole civilization for something so unattainable in reality, that a physical symbol is postulated by the god-like leader that organizes everyone to submit. An idea that is so compelling that it becomes okay, even the law of the land, to compel everyone to … SUBMIT.

If we must have a “Pharaoh of the Oppression,” it would be Horemheb, for he persecuted his own people as much as the Hebrews. And now it is not only the Hebrews and his own people being compelled to submit, it is everyone on planet Earth, and everyone that will come into existence forever more who will be persecuted. The new super-duper-computers and their webs and links to our minds will see to that.

Hurrah for Horemheb! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!