I have decided to write a short book for the Laugh Out Loud diet. The problem becomes that it is necessary to create more than a book to make this non-diet idea work. It needs a whole new industry to promote it if it is going to be successful. And I want it to be super successful because literally billions of people’s lives are at stake. My desire sounds outrageous; after all, I am just one person, but there are approximately a billion people currently reported to be seriously overweight, and their condition brings them health problems and an early death. If I can do something to prevent those people’s deaths it is imperative that I do so. Right? Most people would simply sluff it off and say, “Why bother. It’s their personal problem. Forget it.” I’m accused of being arrogant for even thinking I can do something.

I believe the current diet industry, which is reportedly consuming a half trillion (five hundred billion) dollars per year is a failure because if there was a diet that worked everyone would soon know about it and do it. And yet, it seems those figures must be wrong because it would mean every person was spending a hundred dollars a year on a diet plan. Whatever the spending on diets is, it must be dwarfed by the amount spent on medical bills and lost wages because of the failure of the diet plans and the resulting obesity epidemic.

It isn’t because those people want to fail. I can’t imagine people squandering half a trillion dollars per year doing something they don’t like to do so they will fail. Can you? I don’t know, maybe you can. The problem is that the diet plans that exist are asking people to do things they can’t do and then blaming them for not doing the impossible. The promoters then think and say things like, “It’s your own fault you’re so fat and ugly!” “Obviously, you should eat less and exercise more.”

The Laugh Out Loud diet is laughing at the diet industry’s failure.