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To contact the billion people who are overweight is the challenge. Clearly, the posting of the Laugh Out Loud diet on my blog isn’t working because there have been very few hits on those pages. There are already many good ideas in those posts and some of them are new, but no one finds them and no one cares; furthermore, if there are some good ideas websites like ehow.com will soon find them and post them as conventionally accepted wisdom.

A list of chapter headings would be helpful so I can state more clearly each of the different forms that the LOL diet will take. A list of things like handouts, business-card-size situation suggestions, and an app for cell phones for the various situations that will be encountered. There must be a chapter on why other diets fail and a chapter on why the LOL diet will work where others fail. A chapter on why the LOL is written in a funny style. Perhaps the lead chapter should be on the enormity of the obesity problem, and why there are so few links to other diets.

If the LOL diet fat chapter is written in a comedic style it will offend the very people whom it is intended to help. That might be counterproductive because then they wouldn’t read any further, or if it was written from the first person perspective then perhaps the reader could more readily identify with the problem and more easily begin using the LOL techniques. It is desirable to make each idea as vivid as possible, but stating it in too bland a way would make it easily forgotten. The most vivid fat scene in TV comedy is Monty Python’s fat man eating a little tiny mint … for a perfect finish to his meal … and he explodes! To reach the billion overweight people, and let’s not forget the next billion that are going to become obese, our rhetoric must be vivid. These people are desperate for a solution to their weight problem and the fact that they are spending a half a trillion dollars per year trying to cope with their fat is a positive proof of that assertion. Thus,

To be vivid and acceptable the Laugh Out Loud diet must be funny.