York (Eboracum, Britannia) (lat/lon 53.962, -1.080) was founded in 71 AD. It was the northwest corner of the Roman Empire when the Seven Sages of Greece mosaic was buried in the Mt. Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD. At that time the Roman legions were moving up the island of Britannia and by 122 AD were building Hadrian’s wall eighty miles north of modern York.

A map of the Roman Empire 54 AD.

This map of The Roman Empire is for 54 AD, 25 years before Mt. Vesuvius erupted, with the sites inside of color-coded circles.

York is in the top left of the map above and the green area of Britannia is where the Romans were in control in 54 AD.

7 Sages of Greece mosaic point to York

York, England, with the Seven Sages of Greece mosaic indicating with yellow lines a latitude of 53.8°

Below is the Seven Sages mosaic picture with the image removed, leaving only the lines at 53.8° and the radiant lines from the sundial showing the hot spots of multiple crossovers for easier visualization of the relationships. Click the pictures for bigger images.

& sages of Greece with latitude lines

The 53.8° lines for York with the spots of multiple overlapping of the lines.

Note that the vertical center line for the mosaic departs from the top center gargoyle’s nose downward through the top sage’s eye, onto the center of the whole picture where the horizontal dividing line is met, down to the sage’s foot at a point that is a hot spot for other site line crossings; on to another foot that is also a site for other multiple line crossings and down to the bottom gargoyle’s nose.

The Seven Sages mosaic must have been created between the founding of Eboracum in 71 AD and the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.