Last week I posted the Kom Ombo and the Alexandria analysis lines and since then have had several opportunities to explain them to friends. Some people readily agree that the lines clearly form alignments that were obviously created by the artist of the mosaic. Others see only a blizzard of nonsense lines and think I am making up the alignments. Anyone can draw lines between any two points, so what’s the fuss? They say, even if a few spots sometimes do line up, that doesn’t mean anything beyond the fact that an artist lined up a few things for an unknown artistic effect.

What I must demonstrate is that each and every line for every one of the geographic locations identified has a minimum of three points of interest accurately forming the line. In fact I have insisted that there be at least three parallel lines and horizontally flipped lines too. Each of these original lines must be meaningfully aligned while standing alone before they are related to anything else that can be linked to them.

In the two posted analyses all those alignments were shown, but they were shown while in relation to many other lines. Before these alignments can be appreciated by a person new to them there must be an unambiguous demonstration of their precision. What I did show with the Kom Ombo and the Alexandria lines on the mosaic, already posted, is that the latitudes indicated in the mosaic were within six miles of the locations of those places important to the Romans in the year 79 AD.

Unfortunately, those alignments on a modern geographic map mean nothing to someone who doesn’t accept the precision of the original alignments on the Seven Sages of Greece mosaic or the necessity of those positions being carefully located on the mosaic for this analysis to work.

The Seven Sages of Greece mosaic.

Why are the seven sages of Greece interested in a globe?

All the lines in all of the analysis charts are as accurate as is the white line descending from the sundial at the top of the column. That white line is perfectly vertical; it descends exactly from the tip of the sundial. It goes exactly through the eye of the sage wearing the brown shirt. It goes precisely to the tip of the pointing stick, and it goes precisely to the tip of the toe of the sage holding the pointing stick.

At this time I don’t assert anything other than these four points line up over a distance that is more than halfway across the mosaic. So what? That doesn’t mean anything! True enough. Standing alone it only indicates a particular alignment of four points. All I am asking a viewer to do at this time is to agree that those four points line up. If a person is unwilling to admit that those points line up then there is no reason to progress further because this whole analysis is based on the alignment of points on this mosaic.

Some people prefer to believe that extraterrestrials created ancient things rather than humans.