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The mosaic below was buried in Pompeii during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD and dug up in 1899 and is now in the National Museum in Naples. Why are the seven sages looking at the globe and apparently discussing something significant? What could be significant about a globe to the originators of geography other than the measurement of the Earth?

The Seven Sages of Greece mosaic.

Why are the seven sages of Greece interested in a globe?

Presented here are some lines I have drawn on the mosaic picture over what appear to be intentionally drawn alignments created by the original artist.

  1. The red line starting from an object held in the guy on the left side’s hand goes through three widely separated eyes, ending in the gargoyle’s eye in the top right corner.
  2. The three yellow lines are parallel, and the ones on the left and right align with a scroll that sage is holding. The sage in the middle is holding a long pointing stick that aligns with the two scrolls.
  3. The yellow line on the right scroll goes through the point of a sundial at the top of a column and directly to a gargoyle’s eye at the top center.
  4. The parallel red line at the top goes from the gargoyle’s eye on the center left directly to the same point on the sundial.
  5. The white line drops from the point on the sundial through the eye that the green line went to, to the point of the stick.
  6. The blue line drops from the top center gargoyle that the yellow line went to straight through the top sage’s eye directly to the finger used at the top of the stick pointing at the globe.

The alignment of these few lines got me intrigued enough to work out details for a cogent demonstration that they were discussing the location of various important points in the Roman Empire at that time. There is a blizzard of lines, like the ones above, that are in alignment for each of the discovery sites. Finding them was a challenge but the alignments are clearly there once found and it’s the meaning that becomes an interpretation.

The Seven Sages alignments are real; their meaning will be my speculations.