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With the next several blog posts I will demonstrate how it appears that the mosaic known as the Seven Sages of Greece, buried in the 79 AD eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, is a message of how the Earth is spherical and where the key cities are located and where the limits of the empire were located at that date.

The 7 Sages of Greece

The 7 Sages of Greece mosaic found in 1899, buried at Pompeii in 79 AD.

Through a couple of months of manipulation of various qualities of this picture, it appears that the following places are indicated: York latitude 53.8°, Purpuraires 31.5°, Rome 41.9°, Apsaros 41.6°, Antioch 36.2°, Alexandria 31.2°, and Kom Ombo 24.5°.

A map of the Roman Empire 54 AD.

This map is of the Roman Empire in 54 AD, 25 years before Mt. Vesuvius erupted near Pompeii.

In our emerging world of lies, where even easily proven evidence-based ideas are discounted as uninteresting in the face of fabulous fabrications of simple-minded nonsense, this complex set of relationships will be seen as absurd. However, I maintain that the creators of the mosaic were the strange ones and I am only strange in that I have pursued their game so assiduously.

The classic Romans and Greeks were in pursuit of testable ideas like the circumference of our spherical Earth.