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Some of the rafters under the roof asphalt and sand shingles were broken and the eaves overhang was ripped off. There were several limb puncture holes that penetrated into our living space below that were recovered with plywood. On top of those repairs they laid the thick waterproof sheeting. The other holes in the roof were left until later but covered over with a tarp to keep the rain out. About half of the roof was injured to some degree but they are fixing the rest of it with upgrades that will comply with modern housing code. To do that they need to have the people who installed the solar panels remove them before they can do that work. All of this work takes time, a proper sequence of various work crews coming over and some advance money. We have homeowners insurance with a deductible that will be far exceeded and we are wondering just how much of this expense they will actually cover.

All of these things cause some stress because of the unknowns and various strange people traipsing around above our heads making noise. I’ve been working like a beaver on the Seven Sages project. It is mostly a visual project of demonstrating the complex relationships between a vast myriad of strange things and it is all hanging together nicely like a large spider web. No doubt people will think me crazy for pursuing such a difficult thing but I maintain that I’m not the crazy one — the people who put this thing together were the crazy ones. I think the most likely suspect is Pliny the Elder, who got killed in the 79 AD eruption of Mt. Vesuvius trying to save someone … or something.

Perhaps it was this very object that cost Pliny the Elder his life.