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After four full-grown Ponderosa trees choosing not to fall on me and one twelve-inch diameter spruce fending off the worst scenario there came a blizzard of people. All well intentioned, but all the same it was a lot of social interaction. Then with talking to the neighbors and meeting the many people who live within a stone’s throw of where I sit, assuming there weren’t any walls in between them and my desk, I’m tired.

Today I went down to the Looney Bean coffee shop and poured out my sad story to my old buddies. They were interested enough to look at my photos of the events, but then we got back to important old dude talk. In this case, it is an ongoing batch of riffs on lying. I being vehemently against lying in all its forms and most everyone else trying valiantly to explain to me how lies help soothe the social flow. The greatest argument comes from the old Christmas lie that people tell little kids. “Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus” being a wonderful thing for children to enjoy, believing in that nonsense. And the fun the adults have in watching the confusion wrought on their childish minds. I insist that it does the child permanent harm. That the lie becomes part of their character and that it warps their perception of reality, forevermore.

These old dudes laugh at me, but I say their lying creates a permanent distrust of all people in these children’s minds. If they can’t even trust their parents to tell them the truth, there is no one they can trust. By creating a society of liars we set us all on a road to social collapse. It has happened to our society before and created a millennium of Dark Ages after a smoothly operating society based on truth, that had lasted nearly a thousand years, was destroyed by a new set of ideas based on fantasy and perpetrated by a blizzard of complex lies.

We must communicate with the greatest possible candor or watch our society wither and die.