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Two mornings ago I woke up with a slight tickle in my lungs. There hadn’t been any colds visible in the various people I know, and yet one was missing from my Monday morning writers group. It was casually implied in a passing comment that she wasn’t feeling well and nothing more was said. Later in the afternoon, the slight tickle had grown more noticeable, but it is spring and dust and pollen are in the air. I was still hesitant to label my symptoms a cold. Usually, my colds begin with an itchy nose and proceed to a raw sinus and then a day later move down my throat and it isn’t until about day three that the problem reaches my lungs. Because of the different symptoms of this problem I was tardy in beginning my proven cold treatment: A cure for the common cold using 105° F baths.

Yesterday I woke up again with the tickle in my lungs that was noticeably worse, but still there was no phlegm or coughing and once again my first thought was that it was spring pollen in the air. I had another group meeting that morning and after a bit of work was off without a worry. I have been working steadily on the Seven Sages of Greece for weeks and got in a couple of hours of analysis and some strange discoveries before heading out. This project is very similar to my analysis of the Jack the Ripper murders. There is an overabundance of funny little clues that point toward a deep intelligence behind these things.

At yesterday’s meeting where there are typically twenty-five in attendance, there were several regulars missing. I noticed it but didn’t attribute it to anything other than statistical variation. During the two hours I think I did a single mild cough three times. I was barely coughing, more like a clearing of my throat but deeper. There were a couple of others doing that cough too, which I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t doing it. Also, I was feeling quieter and less eager to engage in discussion than usual, which for me is an indicator of an incipient cold. Later in the early evening, I decided to take a preventative bath just in case this was a cold coming on.

This morning I still wasn’t sick enough for anyone to notice, but I could notice, so I decided to do my hot bath cold cure routine. Two 106° F baths per day for three days, raising my mouth temperature to 101.5° F for ten minutes. Then once per day for three more days, if needed. I have lowered the mouth temperature a half a degree from what I used to do because I am approaching eighty-two years old and I don’t want to overstress my body.

Other than eating, our daily walks, this blog and the hot baths I worked constantly on The Case of the Seven Greek Sages.