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I have posted several times on Adverse Childhood Experiences test (ACE) and created an alternate to that grim life experience called the Positive Childhood Experiences test (PCE). Now it is necessary to create a parallel post for an Adverse Adulthood Experiences test (AAE) and later one for a Positive Adulthood Experiences test (PAE). The ACE + PCE test combines in a single page of simple questions, set in parallel experiences that affect later life.

Adverse Childhood Experiences versus Positive Childhood Experiences

Adverse Childhood Experiences versus Positive Childhood Experiences (ACE versus PCE)

The Adverse Adulthood Experiences test (AAE) is a set f ten yes or no questions about one’s life since the age of twenty-one when you became a legal adult in control of your own life circumstances.

  1. Have you had routine experiences, such as a job, where your superior put you down or humiliated you in front of others? __
  2. Have you been in a physical fight with another adult? __
  3. Have you ever been sexually assaulted physically? __
  4. Do you feel that no one in the whole world loves your or values what you do? __
  5. Have you ever been homeless or had so little money you were very hungry? __
  6. Have you always lived without someone who loved you or has your spouse ever suddenly abandoned you? __
  7. Were you ever imprisoned?__
  8. Have you lived with people who were frequently drunk or high? __
  9. Were you ever seriously depressed, suicidal, or in a mental institution? __
  10. Did a household member or close friend ever go to prison? __

Add up your “Yes” answers, that is your Adverse Adult Experiences AAE score.

This is a first attempt at creating a short questionnaire for Adverse Adulthood Experiences. There needs to be a broader questionnaire that would include war-related experiences and household disasters like fire or flood. I hope to get back to that after some more pressing problems are resolved. Personal sickness, injury, and disastrous social problems need to be included too.

Adverse Adulthood Experiences can be predictive of future problems.