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This isn’t a historic discovery just yet, but it is becoming one.

The 7 Sages of Greece

The 7 Sages of Greece mosaic was buried at Pompeii 79 AD and dug up in 1899.

These figures have intrigued me for years, but a couple of months ago I really got involved when I noticed some extremely accurate alignments between the figures. Why the accuracy and why are the sages analyzing a globe with latitude lines drawn upon it? The further question becomes what would they put upon that globe that they could successfully verify in a reasonable amount of time. Distant places like China would be exceedingly difficult even though there was trade with China at that time in the form of silk. The sages might be wearing silk togas, but more likely it would have been wool or flax. The fact that they are wearing different colored clothing does imply some consciousness of style. What city or mountain would they choose to measure and identify?

The discovery for me today was that the city we now call Antioch seems to be a primary location indicated by my analysis of the mosaic. The previously discovered sites are Kom Ombo and Purpuraires. I have now completed the graphic work necessary for a reasonable presentation for those three sites and I already know of several more that are amenable to my methods. I can’t show my analysis and proofs just yet and it takes about a day to do each of the graphic works for a presentation, so a week or two should be enough time to finish up this arcane project. I want to get back to The Laugh Out Loud diet because it will help a billion people live healthier lives. In the meantime, this is what is consuming my time.

This discovery about the Seven Sages mosaic is important in a historical sense because it demonstrates once again the scientific real-world knowledge of the classic Romans. It also emphasizes the destructiveness of political power based on spurious constructs about reality. That lack of respect for reality led to the loss of rationality and nearly a millennium-long Dark Ages of superstition, social collapse, and growing squalor. Finally, a Renaissance of good sense based on real world observation brought us to the wonderful world we now take as normal. It isn’t normal. It’s fragile and is at present in danger of being shattered.

In an obviously peculiar way, the Seven Sages mosaic may help save our modern world.