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I’ve had several discussions about my new Laugh Out Loud diet recently and people are very supportive of the ideas. So, I have started laying out a physical book to replace the blog posts.

There will be a slight delay in progressing full speed ahead with the diet publication because I have been working on the Seven Sages analysis. I have been working on it almost constantly for well over a month, much to the distress of my other blog posts. It has been taking a full day’s drafting work to do each site’s visual preparation.

So far it appears that I have created defendable pictorial and historical evidence that Kom Ombo and Purpuraires would be the legitimate sites indicated by the Seven Sages mosaic. Working up a presentation of these very speculative ideas requires precise evidence. Fortunately, the original mosaic is in such good condition that after nearly two thousand years the precision is still available. Also, it is necessary to prove that the Romans were in the localities that I have found the mosaic to reference.

Fortunately, with the resources of the internet, it is possible to not only find written evidence, show photographs of the sites and to locate them precisely on GoogleEarth maps. GoogleEarth also has photographs associated with their maps, and YouTube often has videos once it is known exactly where you want to go. Ten years ago this research couldn’t have been done.

There is no conceivable way that anyone would finance the years of world travel needed to collect the evidence that is now readily available for this project. It has been a struggle but I think the Seven Sages mosaic will soon become famous. It is said to be in the National Museum in Naples, Italy, but their website doesn’t list it. To make their picture famous will require them to put the pictures and descriptions I am creating beside the original mosaic.

The Seven Sages will soon be one of the most famous pictures in the world.