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“If you can’t sell it, it isn’t worth anything!” That’s the premise of moving my diet plans forward. I have been thinking about various diets for several decades and I have no particular problem with my weight at a BMI of 25.8. For a person aged 81 that slightly overweight BMI might be ideal because the standard is based on young adults.

The reasoning for choosing BMI 25 as a standard is the perception that people of that young adult age are in their prime. Older people might be better off with a few pounds extra to be used by their body for coping with old age diseases and natural withering. The subject is fraught with not very well documented research but William H. Sheldon, the definer of human body-form somatotypes and their relationship to bodily aging and life expectancy, is a good beginning. His ideal body weight suggestion is probably as good as any general standard. It is to seek to maintain the body weight in older years that you felt was ideal when you were in your late 20s or early 30s.

I have been exploring various ways for making a diet plan that is easy for people to do and in the process have come up with various new things that I and my wife Debbie have been practicing for several months. We both decided to lose a few pounds and have been successful in doing that. No big deal. But, we did it without any suffering whatsoever. No hunger, no difficult exercise, no forcing our bodies to anything in the slightest difficult, and without the slightest test of our willpower.

I could publish the techniques which we did for free on the internet, but as I stated in the premise above, “If you can’t sell it it isn’t worth anything!” 

Furthermore, if it isn’t worth anything everyone will ignore it. Therefore, in an effort to reach the vast numbers of people who are presently having the problem of maintaining their ideal body weight, I have decided to sell my diet plan rather than give it away. If that monetary way is the method for reaching large audiences then I am being a benefactor of humanity. That has been the goal of this blog for 3,500 posts. The blog has been viewed over a million times, and with some stated successes, but there are billions of people at risk of improper bodily weight and my past methods won’t reach them, and therefore –

It appears that to save people’s lives they must be charged money.