Our world view is created by the information to which we are exposed. We must accept the obvious fact that reality can be accessed in no other way. Thus when information is presented as being true, which has no basis in fact, our actions become disoriented and we wander through our lives in a goalless dither. We may feel we are pursuing worthwhile goals at first but as things don’t work out as we hoped we can not help but sink into confusion, followed by sadness, then with future struggles being fruitless we must sink on into despair.

Our world had a great opportunity with the creation of the web for the creation of new ideas and the creation of wonderfully better lives for everyone. Unfortunately, with the blizzard of falsehoods flying at us from it and from every other medium, it becomes nearly impossible to think clearly. It begins with the spin on truth by people trying to sell us things. We grow comfortable with those lies because we realize the sales persons are only trying to present their products in the best possible light. Then come the media, which are supported by selling their wares, which are in turn supported by their advertisers selling their wares and the media are forced to comply with the advertisers’ needs. Along come the politicians who sell their doubtful cures for all our problems, who are themselves under pressure to spin their stories. Even the scientists, who supposedly are under the surveillance of other scientists to keep their reported discoveries in alignment with reality, are compelled to maintain their monetary status, and that requires a well prepared spin on their truth. Then come the fabricators of alternate realities who make up fabulous worlds we hope to live in “some day,” and other realities we hope to avoid. Just obey!

One of my friends has a method for cutting through all that self-serving blabber. He said, “I hang on to my money, by not buying anything.” That was said with a tinge of jest, but he claims he only buys things for their utility. It can be done. Another said they love shopping for stuff because it makes them feel good to have new things. Then they said they like taking things back to the store for a refund and that makes them feel good too. They get a double pleasure out of shopping. Somehow, that sounds a bit off to me as a way to avoid depression and get pleasure.

I created a trustworthiness of information chart several years ago and it really helps me stay oriented. Most other people find it to be too harsh.

Trustworthiness of information

Strangely enough, there are many people we encounter who live in a world of TST~1 and seem to get by okay. And yet, behind the smiling faces, they talk of misery.

I may be grumpy sometimes but when it happens it’s an honest grump.