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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


A teacher is a fool on stilts.

Give a hungry man a fish and he will give you a grudging thank you.

Give a man your fishing pond and some fishing equipment and he will sell your fish.

Your personal experience is your best teacher but it’s expensive.

One who refuses to learn will remain ignorant forever.

It is better to be ignorant of facts than fail to use those you have.

A man can concoct fabulous answers but reality has consistent questions.

A great teacher asks great questions.

Watch others carefully and learn from their good and bad examples.

I saw a group of young women with knee braces and crutches today.

I saw a man get out of his car door into close-passing traffic today.

Poor teachers work for little reward, bad teachers work for punishments.

The wisdom you must defend becomes your deepest teacher.

A good teacher’s wisdom stimulates some ennui and occasional laughter.

1 + 1 = 2 by definition.

Most wisdom is obvious.