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Humanity is such a wonderful creation and yet I often worry about us. I have written about how we came to be in the Eve theory of evolution. I see our species as a natural development of the natural processes of women selecting for the fathers of their children the best men available to them. What do women want? That’s a question that is often asked, but over a hundred thousand years of evolution we have become the aggregate of what women wanted. List out the qualities that humans possess that other creatures lack and that is what they chose to add to a human-looking animal.

That may sound harsh for a definition but we have many virtues. I realized this when I considered what I would be if all the rest of you humans hadn’t discovered and selected the qualities you did. What would any of us be if we didn’t have the huge number of genetic advantages built into our DNA? What would we be if the hundred billion previous humans hadn’t lived and given us not only our improved DNA but our vast knowledge, and built up infrastructure? Think for a second!

Consider what you would be if you, with your human DNA, were born into a society of chimpanzees. Assuming that they would accept and raise you, you would have very little of what makes us humans great because you would have almost no culture. If raised by chimps your language abilities wouldn’t develop, without language your culture couldn’t develop, without those you would have little ability to survive, even with the chimp family to help you. Without exposure to human technology, you wouldn’t be able to create simple tools. It took the whole of our fully intellectually human ancestors, and that means millions of individuals, tens of thousands of years to develop simple tools. We as modern individuals have been exposed to many things which living alone among chimps you would never think of doing. Our ancestors didn’t think of what we think of as obvious stuff for a long time. Which is proof that we wouldn’t either. Without culture, we are not smarter than our distant ancestors.

We can look upon our fellow humans as the reason we are not as dumb as our domestic animals. Without our human ancestors and their wisdom, we would be only slightly more capable of surviving in the wild than our dogs. Probably most domesticated dogs wouldn’t survive in the wild under natural conditions and neither would we.

Be kind to people because they have given you everything you value.