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Natural maturation – Infant; Child; Adolescent; Adult; Mature; Sage. Grows from Pleasure; Control; Recognition; Choice; Helpfulness; Revelatory.

Erik Erikson – Trust v mistrust; Autonomy v shame; Initiative v guilt; Industry v inferiority; Identity v confusion; Intimacy v isolation; Generativity v stagnation; Integrity v despair.

Work – Shows up; Obedient; Value oriented; Team player; Confident; Job completer; Self-motivator; Creator; Innovator.

Achievement – I won’t; I can’t; I don’t know how; I wish I could; What is It? I think I might; I might; I think I can; I can; I will; I did.

The Beatitudes – Spiritless; Mourning; Whining; Hungry; Merciful; Pure; Peacemaking; Persecuted. Yields – In heaven; Comforted; Earthbound; Filled full; Receive mercy; See God; Child of God; Be God.

Walt Whitman Rostrow – stages of economic growth – Subsistence; Specialization; Industrialization; diversification; Consumer oriented.

Abraham Maslow Hierarchy – Physiological; Safety; Love/Belonging; Esteem; Knowing & Understanding; Aesthetic Needs; Self-actualization; Transcendence.

Lawrence Kohlberg – Punishment; Reward; Good intentions; Obedience; Justice; Conscience.

L. Ron Hubbard, Tone Scale – Apathy; Grief; Fear; Anger; Antagonism; Boredom; Contented; Conservatism; Cheerfulness; Enthusiasm.

Chris Argyris – Ladder of Inference – Observations; Selected Data; Meanings; Assumptions; Conclusions; Beliefs; Actions.

Charles Scamahorn – Probaway – Paths to Maturity  – Chart expanded

Many Pinterest charts of similar ideas.

This post is an outline for exploring human development and moving toward a more mature personality.