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In Lolod (Laughing Out Loud diet) the goal is to make everything that affects body weight a fun thing to play with. Most other diets aren’t fun so people quit doing them, but the Lolod is designed to be fun so it is easy for people to continue doing it. For example, going to the grocery store is made into a fun adventure by playing funny little games with the things there. The usually onerous wait at the check-out stant is made into a Lolod diet game by placing a hand on the ubiquitous candies and saying, “I don’t need this candy!” At a sit-down meal a fun game is to make a point of leaving a bite of the very best food in the center of the plate. I make that just small enough that I can resist eating it, and instead, I can laugh at it. Why waste food? Because, I can think and say and integrate into my habits, “I’m in control of my food and it isn’t in control of me.” It is a trivial amount of food wasted, but a terrific mental success of saying no to good food. In the long run, I will eat far less food and even more important I will gain control of the food I eat that the pounds I weigh.

It has been shown in scholarly articles that poor sleep habits are associated with weight gain and obesity. How can we apply this laugh-out-loud technique to sleeping better and thus controlling our weight?

Before bedtime:

  1. Drink plenty of water all day and at night too.
  2. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
  3. Just before bed play three minutes of a boring silent video game like solitaire.
  4. Avoid music that gets repetitive in your mind and hum anything else.
  5. Don’t drink coffee or eat chocolate after 6 PM.
  6. Eat a snack vegetable exactly five hours before bed. Leave a small bite.
  7. Just before bed rinse the top of your head with cold tap water.
  8. Warm your feet in bed with a microwave-warmed beanbag
  9. Give your troublesome thoughts silly names and laugh at them.
  10. Go to bed at an unusually numbered minute, like 909, or 10 10, or ???
  11. Watch the swarming dream patterns in your eyes and see them vanish.
  12. Make bedroom very dark with tiny night lights out of your pillow’s view.
  13. Turn off all devices that might wake you before getting-up time.
  14. Push a slight smile into your face with your pillow pushing your cheek upward.
  15. Tighten your right bicep for ten seconds and smile as you let it go limp.
  16. After a long time tighten the left bicep for ten seconds. Think limper.
  17. Find your perfect pillow. They vary a lot.
  18. Make your bedroom dust free.
  19. Have your sequence of favorite sleep positions.
  20. When you wake up, roll over to another position for ten seconds.
  21. Get up slowly and sit for a few seconds before standing up.
  22. Go for two twenty-minute walks per day.
  23. During the day get up at least once per hour and walk around for a minute.
  24. If an afternoon nap helps, do it; if it keeps you awake at night, skip it.
  25. Turn off your bright bathroom light and finish cleaning up with a nightlight.
  26. Soon after you get up look out the window and welcome the new day.
  27. Take a sleeping pill if necessary but only for a couple of nights per month.
  28. Have someone who loves you close by and treat them better than you treat yourself.

Doing some of the things on that list might not sound like fun but do the ones that appeal to you. The important thing is to do whatever is necessary to …

Get a good night’s sleep because poor sleep makes you grumpy and puts on weight.