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If you are going to get through the rest of your life on any kind of diet it must be automatic, easy, fun, and comic. Nearly all diets will fail because they require constant attention, are hard, annoying, and tragic. I use the quibble word nearly because to say “All diets will fail!” would chase people away from the laugh-out-loud-diet (the LOL diet, Lots of Love diet), and once you understand this lol diet is fun you can laugh at all those nasty diets for the rest of your life. With the lol diet you can easily stop and restart without a trace of guilt because it’s more fun doing the diet than not doing it.

To begin with, it only takes three days to reset your food needs if your body is willing to cooperate, but it will never reset if it thinks it is going to starve. With regular diets where you are forced to eat well below your maintenance needs for weeks, you may lose some weight, but your gut will think it is enduring a famine and will demand to eat voraciously when it gets the chance to bulk up in preparation for the next famine. So, the only shortfall of food even considered in the lol diet is sometimes doing a daily intermittent diet. That’s where you don’t eat until noon and then eat anything you like but taper off a bit until eight at night, then stop. If you eat enough to be satisfied once a day, about midday, your gut won’t go into a starvation mode. With a regular diet once you are in a starvation mode you will have to convince your gut there isn’t a famine coming soon. Your gut has as many “brain-cells” as your brain so it is difficult to intellectually outwit your gut. The more successful your brain’s willpower is at forcing you to not eat the more stressed your gut will be and eager to trick you into eating. Guess which one has more long-term motivation, a hungry gut or a willful brain?

At any moment day or night you can think for a moment about one of your comic diet actions and get a chuckle. You and only you are in charge of your thoughts; thus you can think about your funny little tricks, like leaving a tiny bite of your favorite food on the plate. You are in charge of your food, not your food in charge of you. You can intentionally choose to take a short walk right now, right past where you know there is some food. You can think about looking at some candy and ignoring it while a fat person eats it. You can imagine what it feels like when you are bored, anxious, angry, or distraught to go for a walk instead of eating, or go play solitaire, or go meditate. If you are really challenged, imagine walking right past the snacks and around the block, and after you have done that imagining routine three times, go walk right past the temptation.

Everyone looks okay in great clothes, but healthy people look fantastic without clothes.

Good food sticks to you in the right places; guess where bad food goes.

I like the checkout line at Safeway; it gives me a chance to look at all those disgusting candies I don’t want and to lay my hand on them and reject them.

Do the tiniest thing possible for coping with your big problem; do it now.