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Today was easy living. Nothing special happened, or did it? I went to the Looney Bean coffee shop for an hour and chatted with my old dudes about our various personal adventures. A little about art with my retired commercial artist friend, a little about sales of innovative products with my retired entrepreneur friend, some world travel experiences with my world traveler friend.

I’ve been talking about how many extra seconds it takes me to drive from my home to our fireplace in the Loony Bean beside Mirror Pond on the Deschutes river. I only count the extra time at stop lights, or extra time waiting behind someone at a STOP sign. This morning it was 93 seconds extra because I hit the lights wrong, but it’s impossible not to go through some lights, so that was unavoidable. Yesterday, I only lost 33 seconds. Of course, everyone laughs at me for wasting my time counting seconds, but I now have routes that I know are quicker than just going by the main streets. The way I look at it, I drive slower and safer that those people speeding along the main drags, and almost always get where I’m going sooner. The benefit is that I get to spend a few more minutes with my friends rather than sitting alone waiting for a red light to turn into a green one.

Later I drove back home, picked up Debbie and dropped her off at a meeting. It was to last about two hours and then I went to a writers group that would last for about an hour. I read two recent blog posts, Only a fool would throw away a trillion dollars. Is it me?, and A Short List of Super-Easy Diets, and we discussed those for a while. They liked my new name for those diets – The Laugh Out Loud Diet. Perhaps it should be The Laugh Out Loud Diet Plan. Or maybe something that contracts to a single word … for the cognoscenti … like, Lolodip! I hung around for some wonderful short stories read out loud.

I met Debbie at her event, and we had lunch together at the Looking Glass Cafe. It was fun playing our new diet games. Of course, we didn’t start eating until after noon, and we did drink a glass of water first, but the new wrinkle on our diet was to intentionally leave a half-tea-spoon of food centered in the middle of the plate. We upped the ante slightly by searching through the last of the meal for the very best morsels and leaving them rather artistically arranged.

We are the masters of our food not it masters of us, and our leaving a bit of something we know we would enjoy eating gives us greater satisfaction than eating that pathetic little pile.

We drove home and immediately went for our half hour walk and along the way we watched our friend Michael putting the last external panels on his big new workshop. When we got home Debbie went to her online work and I spent a couple of hours manipulating a very strange two-thousand-year-old mosaic picture searching for steganography. In this case it is concealed things about astronomy buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The 7 Sages of Greece

The 7 Sages of Greece found buried at Pompeii

Why is the guy in the middle pointing with a stick at the globe, and why do the scrolls held by the guys align perfectly with that pointing stick? There are many other equally obvious but hidden things about this ancient Roman mosaic.