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The last several posts have included some methods for losing weight without going thru the inconvenience of dieting. My new super-easy diet plans are laughable. — The absolutely easiest diet I have created so far.A short list of super-easy diets. — Only a fool would throw away a trillion dollars. — Is it me? — My super easy dieting plan requires nothing from me.

Let’s add a few super-easy diets to our plans by starting at the grocery store.

  1. At the checkout line where there’s candy, lay your hand on the candy and say I don’t need this.
  2. Walk the periphery of the store because that’s where the non-sugared food is.
  3. Go the back corners of the store because that’s where the healthiest food is.
  4. Have a list of things you need and stick to it.
  5. Ask the greengrocer what the best produce is for today.
  6. On the cereal aisle check for the non-sugared brands.
  7. Don’t buy anything with cute pictures on it.
  8. Don’t buy anything near the checkout aisle.
  9. Don’t shop when you are hungry.
  10. Things nearest your toes are usually cheaper.
  11. Get a hand-carry basket and stop when it’s too heavy.
  12. Avoid cans with weird ingredients.
  13. Buy as much fresh food as possible.
  14. Go to the farmer’s market.
  15. Observe what healthy people are buying and get those things.
  16. Observe what the fat people are buying and take those things out of your cart.
  17. Buy the rainbow foods.
  18. Avoid processed foods.
  19. Set your watch timer and limit your time in the store.
  20. Buy things with transparent bottles.
  21. Avoid bottles that are opaque, or covered with paper.
  22. Don’t eat things with eyes; they make you feel guilty.

As with most of the other things about this Laugh-out-loud diet (LOLD or Lolod) there will be people making a half a trillion dollars per year who will challenge the claim that it is even a diet. That is true in the sense that you never have to suffer the pangs of not eating enough or of having to eat a bunch of stuff that you believe tastes awful. But the Laugh-out-loud diet will guide you away from unhealthy food that will make you fat, fatter and fattest.

The “Laugh-out-loud diet” doesn’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.