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I’ve been exploring ways for the public to be successful at dieting. That is important because a growing portion of humanity is becoming unhealthy and obese. Last week I posted, “The obesity epidemic is now worldwide and Americans, who are only five percent of the world population, are reported to be spending $60 billion on various diet cures right now. The Global Market for Weight Loss is Worth US$586.3 Billion by 2014.” People are aware of their weight problem but even with the vast sums of money spent they haven’t been able to control their weight. It is obvious from the links above that their concern with their weight is costing them half a trillion dollars per year. Therefore, people are aware of the problem but the huge sums of money spent on dieting are not working. If a single one of the multitudes of diet plans really worked well everyone would soon know about that and the epidemic would be over in a few months.

The reason their diets don’t work is because they demand things of the people that they don’t want to give. What I have been offering is a diet plan that is so easy it doesn’t ask very much and it doesn’t cost anything; in fact, it saves money on a daily basis because you are spending less out-of-pocket money at the store. But the most important thing is that it is so easy to do that it will work in the short run while you are forming the necessary habits, and it will work in the long run because the habits are so easy to form and easy to continue doing.

That’s an outrageous claim, especially when billions of people have tried those other diets and almost every individual has failed. It’s time to try just this one more diet. It is a strange diet because it is the opposite of most of them and instead of being painful is fun to do. Today I mentioned a few specifics that I have been doing in several different conversations. Everyone laughs at my ideas but agrees that they would probably work, but says that what I am proposing isn’t really dieting. For example, today we ate lunch at one of the more expensive restaurants here in Bend, Oregon. This is not a plug, but the Drake has some really tasty lunches that appeal to the culinary artist in me and Debbie. Along with not eating until noon, and drinking a glass of water before eating, and then we ate heartily, but the new diet detail was leaving a tiny bit of food on the plate. We created a beautiful little pile in the center of our plates with about a teaspoon full of this wonderful food left there. It would have tasted great, but by intentionally not eating it we took charge of our desires to eat. “We are in voluntary control of the food we eat and not the food in some bizarre way in control of us.”

By taking intentional control of little things we take habitual control of the big things.