What a surprising thing for me to say! I found God and found him today. It is strange because I consider myself an Apatheist; that is, I have been quite apathetic about the whole concept of god. Mine is an even more doubting philosophical position to hold than an atheist and not so wimpy as an agnostic. At least with an agnostic’s form of belief, there is a modicum of care whether god exists and their only problem is that if he does exist they want some objective proof. Some of them submit to Pascal’s wager and they will pretend that God exists so they will be accepted into heaven. Of course, if God really does exist He will be especially angry at people who try to trick Him and will send them into His most horrible Hell. And, since He has all the most supreme abilities, it is likely that His worst Hell will be a rather unpleasant abode.

God will probably be kind to atheists because He, being all-knowing, would understand why they would want substantial proofs of His existence. If He was in a human’s position he would want proofs far beyond the stories offered by the translations of translations of translations, spun to the whims of each of its intermediate human translators. If God is reasonable and kind He will be good to atheists. He will probably be kinder to atheists than to agnostics because the atheists are more honest in their convictions. The atheists at least admit that they are unwilling to believe in things which on their surface and in their depths appear to be preposterous.

So in a conversation today I realized something, that many people say that God is in human beings. Some others say God is in everything, that the whole Universe is God, and therefore we humans are part of God, and therefore we are God. But, no. That isn’t quite it. Humanists and Unitarians tend to condense the God concept down to humanity and to living humanity and to give total respect to every human because they are human and part of humanity. That is admirable but it slips away from the point that humanity as a whole doesn’t know what is in one’s being at the moment. Where God exists is in the part of humanity that is the person who is with you at the moment.

That is, God is potentially you and the person you are interacting with at the moment. That is the possibility if you follow the teaching of Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount and follow his instructions for ascending the ladder to Heaven as he describes it in the Beatitudes, using the King James version of the Golden Rule. The reason that version is vitally important is because it requires that you treat your interlocutor better than you treat yourself. If you treat them as you wish them to treat you, there is no possibility of growth and for ascending the ladder because you are locking yourself into your present spiritual condition.

You must treat your friend and your enemy better than you treat yourself.