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Wikipedia has a long List of Diets which are interesting to look through but they all require a person following them to do something that is considered uncomfortable to some other group of people. Generally, this means not eating a particular food commonly eaten by some other group, or eating an overabundance of some category of food. They all require too little or too much of something and therefore become difficult to follow for very long. It is common knowledge that most people fail to follow diets for long enough to be permanently effective.

The super easy diet I am developing consists of finding very easy things to do, things that I want to do, things that are easy for me to do so habitually they become automatic. This list will grow but at present consist of things that aren’t even considered dieting but they will help me to control my caloric intake.

This short list is intended to get the idea of the super-easy diet started.

Pick one of the easiest items below and do it for a week.

  1. Don’t eat anything after an early but convenient time, say 8 PM.
  2. Don’t eat before a later but convenient time, say 12 noon.
  3. Eat from small dishes, bowls, and utensils.
  4. Serve up just the right amount.
  5. Leave potential second helpings stored out of sight.
  6. Eat things that require some extra chewing.
  7. Search for weird vegetables that are fun to eat.
  8. Don’t (never) drink sugar-added beverages.
  9. Eat complex carbohydrates, grains, and fruits instead of sugars.
  10. Leave tiny amounts of each serving on the plate. You are in control.
  11. Avoid eating everything put in front of you.
  12. Have desserts pre-sized, like a lemon drop or four M&Ms.
  13. Walk around the block immediately before or after eating.
  14. Choose the stairs rather than the elevator.
  15. Completely drink a glass of water before or during a meal.
  16. Eat tiny amounts of as many different things as possible.
  17. Eat foods of different colors, textures, and ethnicities.
  18. Put hot spices on mild foods.
  19. Choose to hang out in coffee shops and to avoid bars.
  20. Drink one serving of alcohol per day, never more or less.
  21. If you must take antibiotics, pre-arrange for your own fecal transplant.
  22. If you have a scale, keep a log of your weight for fun.
  23. Measure your success by doing the diet and not by your weight.
  24. If you succeed in doing an item on this list for a week, add another one.

If you don’t like doing one of these practices, intentionally choose to stop doing it and try something else for a week.

The point is to keep your diet so easy and fun that you want to keep doing it.