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Yesterday on a short list of things that needs to be done to make an idea successful I concluded with, “Who would be willing to promote a diet that will not make anyone any money?” In that case, I was referring to the super easy diet plan that I have been doing successfully for three months.

There are without doubt many reasons for the epidemic of obesity beyond simple gluttony. In his book Missing Microbes, Martin Blaser, a major research scientist, makes a case for the overuse of antibiotics in children creating dietary problems because those drugs kill the children’s natural intestinal biome and that interferes with their normal digestion of food for the rest of their lives. Several European countries are now limiting the use of antibiotics. The antibiotic may kill a particular disease more quickly than a person’s natural defenses against infection would, but they cause long-term problems like obesity. The problem with prescribing these drugs is that is what people expect doctors to do and are offended when they are told to wait for the disease to run its course. The parents are in effect prescribing the drugs because if the first doctor doesn’t do it they will go to another one who will.

Farm animals have for decades been fed low doses of antibiotics in their daily food. The result is that the animals grow fatter quicker and thus can be sold sooner and be converted into human food. This converts a few dollars of antibiotic fed to the animals into many dollars of profits. When we eat these animals as food we get some residual antibiotics directly in the food. But, if the antibiotics make the animals fat, it is reasonable to assume they would make people who take antibiotics fatter too, and that has been demonstrated.

The obesity epidemic is now worldwide and Americans, who are only five percent of the world population, are reported to be spending $60 billion on various diet cures right now. The Global Market for Weight Loss is Worth US$586.3 Billion by 2014. What that means is various people are making their share of a trillion dollars’ worth of things that are not working very well … if at all. The proof their products aren’t working is that the epidemic continues to grow.

If someone comes along with a free super easy diet that really works it would be a miracle, but for many people making vast sums of money, it would be an unwelcome miracle. Who would be willing to promote something that will cost those people a trillion dollars?

Only a fool would throw away a trillion dollars. Is it me?