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My spouse and I have been 100% successful with our diet for three months. The reason it has been so successful is because it is so easy to do and it’s almost automatic. We can do our diet almost without thinking, and therefore there is no mental stress, and it makes no demands on our bodies either, and therefore there is no physical stress. Furthermore, there is no social stress because no one is expecting us to do anything. It has been the perfect diet for a lazy person. The only thing it lacks is what every business needs – a name, a logo, a basic idea and a person to promote it.

  • What would be a perfect name for an automatic diet that requires almost nothing from the dieter?
  • What would be the qualities of a memorable logo for a super easy diet?
  • What is the idea behind an automatic diet that requires almost no effort?
  • Who would be willing to promote a diet that will not make anyone any money?

First I will explain what we have done that has been so easy to do that it required no effort. Back in early December we bought an electronic scale and started weighing ourselves every morning. Actually, that has little to do with the diet, but it got us to thinking about our weight, and that was mildly interesting.

We read about the intermittent fasting diet, which is a daily routine of limiting the hours when you eat. Being night-birds by nature, we started by eating our final meal at 8 PM, and at 8 AM in the morning a half of a bagel with stuff on it, and lunch at 1 PM. We weren’t very strict about any of that and routinely ate a public meal every Sunday and usually one other meal out once per week. Our diet for the month of December was to only eat between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM and fast the other twelve hours. So, what’s the diet you might ask? It was nothing different from what we usually do, except for sometimes not eating a late-night snack or having a late-night beverage.

Well, if I don’t usually eat anything between those hours, the only difference was that I intentionally don’t eat between those times. Thus, there is no difference in my routine behavior.

That month was too easy. We didn’t do anything. So, we upped the ante a little. Instead of not eating our morning bagel until 8 AM we moved it up to 12 noon. I’m usually busy until noon and don’t miss the half-bagel, but I am a little hungry, so by the time I eat it tastes great. Without thinking about it, we nudged our midday meal over to 2 PM. That’s it. So, once again you might ask, what’s the diet? And once again I must say, nothing, because we really didn’t do much and we just ate our normally healthy meals at a different time.

We upped the restrictions on our diet once again for February. Wow, you might say, now you’re going to get tough on yourselves. We drink an 8-ounce glass of water before every meal because it fills the stomach and makes it easier to stop eating sooner. It turns out this is easy to forget even when the water is there beside the plate, so when we miss doing it before starting the meal we punish ourselves by not eating our next meal for ten minutes later than scheduled. We have barely done anything that could be called a diet but –

Three months into this super easy diet we have each lost over three pounds.

[We decided on March 1st that in addition to the above super-easy diet we wouldn’t drink beverages with additional sugar added. Things like Coke are out but natural fruit juice is okay. So, once again what’s the diet?]