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A Dictionary of New Epigrams

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Maturity #2

It’s more fun to be mature.

Winners are one step ahead in maturity.

Growing old doesn’t mean growing more mature.

To be content you must be mature.

Love yourself exclusively and you’ll always be lonely and never mature.

When maturity’s into you the sufferings will be out of you.

When too much alcohol is into you, your wife’s soon – Out with you!

A single drink a day keeps the mortician away.

Stop drinking and keep walking.

Grow up and enjoy living.

Just do it right the first time.

Cultivate contented friends.

Avoid unhappy and angry people.

Occasionally say to yourself, “Don’t be stupid.”

Wreck your life today and it will be wrecked tomorrow too.

Never ever spend money you don’t have.

If you’re making payments you’re making mistakes.

Keep a little slack even in your slack.

When you care – share.

There are many, many ways to go wrong.

Pay attention and find the right way to do whatever you’re doing.

Ask people who know, “Are people who do this thing living long happy lives?”

You can’t trust anything a liar says. Nothing!

Observe and remember who gives out false information.

People who believe lies and liars are desperate.

Measure a person’s desperation by the straws they grasp and hold dearly.

It’s very sad, but ready money is the ultimate measure of maturity.

Money in your hand speaks softly but it’s heard clearly.

Pay close attention to accurate information.

Tune out the flashy shows in the media.

Confront stupid behavior with intentional indifference.

Follow a liar’s lead with extreme caution.

Be the best you you can be.

If you must check the price of something you don’t need it.

Take charge of your decisions because it’s you that will be forced to live with them.

Make sure it’s you and only you who defines your problems and their solutions.

Good behavior never goes out of style.

Get connected with honest people.

If feels good today but isn’t going to feel good tomorrow, stop doing it.

Always be a stickler for playing by the rules, but play to win anyway.

Live simply, avoid extravagance, and be transparent to everyone.

There will always be a tomorrow, but not for anything living today.

Live now, for at best you only have a few more short years of nows.

Consistent good behavior will change your life for the better.

Change your life for the better by treating others better than you treat yourself.

Just accumulating years doesn’t accumulate mature behaviors.

Most old people behave most of the time with childish motivations.

Even a five-year-old can behave in mature ways.

Give others what they need when they need it, but not before or after.

Pursue maturity of actions as your lifestyle.