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Our brave new world demands the filtering of the flood of raw data gushing our way! It is near impossible for any of us to find unspun information upon which to base our understanding. Even President Trump is reported to be getting his information from TV talk shows, even though he has the greatest information collecting agency ever created offering him the insider’s choice stuff.

We bring our lifetime of experience to every bit of data that comes our way and we use it to filter out almost all of it and get down to what we can use. But this ocean of useless information worms its way into our overall response to reality and causes almost everyone an unseen but grievous harm. People spend money they don’t have buying things they don’t need to keep up with an image of their self-worth based on media-projected fantasies of how they should view themselves.

One simple proof of that ugly assertion is that most Americans are so hopelessly in debt that they can’t come up with $400, a week’s salary, in cash for a sudden emergency. That is countered by the reported fact that 65% own their homes, but on closer inspection only 29% of those owners actually own them and 71% of those homes are owned by the bank. They are effectively renters with a decades-long contract. About 34% rent their residences outright, which suggests they are at risk of being out at the end of any given month. Only 19% of Americans fully own their residence and therefore are not at risk of eviction if they can’t make their payments. That makes 81% of Americans into slaves because they must work or be severely punished.

There is a compulsion to work and pay your rent or be out on the street at the end of the month.