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A Dictionary of New Epigrams

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In previous conscious moments, I created what I am now.

Doing what appears to be the appropriate thing to do in the present moment is almost always the right thing to do, except when it isn’t.

“Don’t be stupid” is always good advice to oneself and it’s always about something you are about to do.

We must always tell the truth in the present moment.

You must be conscious in the present now when you are telling a lie.

It is a great lie now to promise someone a future you can’t deliver.

The present always feels good when you have the feeling, “I am choosing to do this.”

There are 1011 galaxies in our Universe, and  1011 stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and our Sun is 3.3 105  (333,000 times bigger than the Earth) and the Earth is 9.63548387 1022 times bigger than a human. Adding the raised powers give us a very rough estimate that the Universe is 1049 times bigger than one of us. Also, our life is a hundred years (102) out of our universe’s 13 billion years (1010). Let’s blend all those  digits together and get our influence on things to be very roughly 1 in 1059. That is one part us versus something with fifty-nine zeros after it.

What I am suggesting is that our influence in the Universe is rather small.

However, we do have great power over this HERE and this NOW, and we have the power to change our habits of how we are going to behave TOMORROW, and the Universe can’t choose to do any of those things.

Influence and enjoy those things you can participate in and just observe and enjoy those things you can’t participate in.

Doing what you can do now prepares you to do what you can do next.

To say you are always living in the present moment and ignoring the past and future is stating the obvious, but there is inertia and it is obvious too.

I can cope with my problems now, and those things I can’t cope with I can usually get someone to cope with them for me.

I expect tomorrow will be as much fun as today was. There were some moments of anxiety but it was fun working through them.