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The development of a sage may come about in many ways, but the method developed by the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece in the 147 Delphic maxims sets us on the path of a proper way to live. Lao Tzu in his Tao Teh Ching uses the power of the attractive void to pull all things into existence. Sun Tzu uses the natural traits of human behavior in his Art of War to create and sustain nations. Jesus has described human ascent in climbing the ladder of the Beatitudes using his version of the Golden Rule. Epictetus in his Enchiridion shows how an ordinary person can live a contented life. Probaway gives a multi-dimensional view of Paths to Maturity that relates various levels of development. Probaway also has 138 Western Philosophers Squared Off In Quotations – Chronological Index of Philosophers. Probaway is presently exploring ways of accelerating ordinary people through the levels of maturity from infancy through sage in Personal explorations of the levels of maturity.

Humans are genetically inclined to be moral beings but they do learn from experience, and thus it is necessary to help them gain the experience that will be of benefit to all humanity.

Human morality is based on carefully refined gossip entering our genetic code.