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Currently living Christians and Muslims will doubt my assertions about how Jesus was showing us how to ascend the ladder of the Beatitudes to attain heaven. I have no desire to challenge a single person who has found a spiritual path that is satisfying to them. If it works for them and their friends that will get plenty of praise from me.

My view is based on my simple observation that the Beatitudes as translated in the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible are a ladder from a miserable state to a heavenly one. That seems meaningful because the Sermon on the Mount begins with that ascending list of improving emotional states coupled with an improving set of rewards for reaching the higher states.

A second observation is that after the Beatitudes the sermon builds toward the Golden Rule with problems and solutions and after stating with great emphasis that it is important both before and after, he gives a warning to do it properly so you will get the benefits. If you don’t do the Golden Rule as he suggested you will not grow the good fruits and will deserve to be cast away into the fire.

When I read the Golden Rule with the word should replaced with the word would it appears to me to be going down a path that will not give the results that Jesus wanted you to acquire. The problem is that treating others as you wish to be treated means you are locked into the developmental state that you currently reside within. The way that will improve your chances for getting to the heavenly state is to treat others better than you would treat yourself. That is why the word should is so important and so powerful. People should treat you in a way that will help you grow toward heaven and if you consistently treat others better than you would want them to treat you, the result is that with every application of that better way you will become a better person yourself. If you only treat people at your own level of development you are locking yourself into that preexisting level of spiritual attainment. Therefore do those things to others that they should do to you to help you up the ladder of the Beatitudes.

“Everything others should do to you, do to them!”