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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Before humans existed to make judgments nothing was bad or good, and after they are gone and no longer making judgments nothing will be bad or good.

Good is only good because we judge it to be so and bad is only bad because we judge it so.

Good and evil are value judgments from the point of view of physical behavior.

For a philosophical stoic nothing that has happened to him was bad unless it created a counterproductive habit.

Kindness is neither a thought nor a value judgment; it’s a helpful act.

A kindness always enters into our external reality, but goodness often exists only within the inner person and never escapes into the world.

A kind act permeates the entire Universe because it exists in physical reality.

Kindness is more helpful than goodness because it always opens the possibility for a better life.

A person develops good habits by doing kind acts.

Being kind to other people cultivates the habit of kindness and that comes back to one in the form of habitually treating oneself with kind acts.

Nothing is good or bad but by comparison.

A lot of what is called good is nothing more than that which brings a temporary personal pleasure.

It is always a good action to be exposing an option to another person and letting them choose their own actions.

Seeing an option to behave another way and judging it as good for one’s character to act or not to act on that option stimulates moral growth.

Seeing and choosing a good way to behave requires experience, weighing actions, and foresight.

Life is too complex to waste much time arguing what a good person should be in the abstract, but it is possible to do what is good in the present moment.

We often hear statements like “Just do the right thing.” Perhaps “Just help someone, anyone” would be even better.

Good consists in helping another person live longer and become more mature.

Goodness and character are demonstrated by the ability to resist a strong temptation.

Goodness is observed in actions but rarely seen in inaction.

With our intentionally kind actions, we generate helpful habits and cultivate contentment.

The more good habits we have the easier it is for us to be good and live well.