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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


You create your character with every action, but the most critical ones are those conscious actions where you pause to choose between the possibilities.

Your character is created by your personal choices and conduct and it cycles back into you for better or worse.

We cultivate our character and help it grow by the frequent use of our habits.

Everyone is challenged to rise above their existing character and become an even more moral personality.

Changing your character is not like changing your clothes; it’s like changing your skin.

We rarely think of our character and that’s why it is so important to be very thoughtful when we do think about what we should do about it.

Character is what drives your present actions to be what you have previously decided is the right way to behave.

Confront challenges with open candor because it is in those moments that you have the greatest opportunity to develop the better qualities of your character.

Your character is best demonstrated by your ability to resist temptation.

The measure of your strength of character is how much unearned pleasure you can resist.

It is a noble deed to demonstrate good character in the presence of a child.

Reality may drive you to an action, but your character might mold it to a good end.

Your character is greatly influenced by the environment you choose to reside within.

We form our habits to fit our situations; thus we must be careful as to what situations we let ourselves be subjected to.

With our time and attention, we build ourselves into angels or devils.

Our character is the accumulation of our choices.

I am not what I think I am. I am what I choose to do.

Serenity comes from quiet meditation, and character from responding to challenges.

Character is demonstrated in keeping one’s promises to one’s self.

Out of our beliefs are born conscious acts. Out of conscious acts, we form unconscious habits; out of our habits, we grow our set of habits called character; and on our character, we build our goals; on our goals, we build our accomplishments; and by our accomplishments, we affect society.

Character results in seeing what needs doing and doing it.

Character is our self-imposed integrity.