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If we look carefully at our consciousness flowing by and are not overwhelmed by an unexpected loud sound or a sudden fear of falling, we will observe that there is a moment when we can hold off our automatic responses. In that brief moment of time, our awareness can turn to an alternate response. Usually it doesn’t, but it can. It is in that instant that we have the opportunity to form a new response to the preëxisting habitual response to that stimulus, or if there isn’t one, to form a new habit. Sometimes, we can get ahead of an oncoming problem and an associated stimulus by watching for its onset and preparing our response. It is in that moment, and perhaps only in that moment, that we have free will.  Perhaps free will only exists when we perceive a situation with enough forethought that we can choose to choose a particular action at that particular moment.

The option of free will only exists in a moment when we choose for it to exist.