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Both Debbie and I have been totally successful in dieting for the month of January, but she hasn’t had the good feelings of success that I have had, even though we have been eating the same things. The difference between our diet strategies is that she has been watching her weight and I have been watching the clock and the calendar. She is basing her feelings of success on the scale intermittently dropping toward her five-pound reduction goal and I have been basing my feelings on my successful compliance of not eating between 8 PM at night and 12 noon the next day. We are both doing the same diet, which has been called intermittent fasting, and the only difference is how we measure our progress. At the beginning of our diet, on January 1st 2017, it was more or less a New Year’s Resolution kind of thing, but those are notoriously poor for long-term compliance, so we didn’t want to name it that.

There has been some buzz in the media about the intermittent fasting diet, and over the years we have tried many diets for fun and pleasure. We have done a new diet some months using the strategy of doing it strictly for a week, following it carefully for another week, trying to think of it as an easy habit for another week and finally ignoring it as a preplanned diet for the last week of the month. We then chose a new diet for the next month. Of all of the diets we tried, the low glycemic index seemed to be the easiest to follow and sustain. It was mostly cutting down on all the forms of pasta and bread and wheat products, all of which I like, so it was a bit unpleasant for me. Unfortunately, after finishing the month of diet I drifted back to eating those things I like, so ultimately I am probably near the body weight my intestinal biome chooses for me.

It is now 11:38 AM as I write this post and typing is distracting enough that I don’t feel any hunger, but as I write this and check my stomach I do feel a little hungry. It isn’t unpleasant but ordinarily, having noticed this bit of hunger, I might go eat a small handful of chocolate covered almonds, probably about six of them, and then get back to whatever I was doing. Right now I’m going to go drink a glass of water … I just drank about six ounces of cold water and I don’t feel hungry at this moment.

On February 1st, having been 100% successful with the intermittent fasting diet, we decided to do one more month of it. There is one tiny addition that we are doing, and that is adding an 8-ounce glass of water just before we start eating our sit-down meals, lunch and dinner. Some people say it fills up the stomach a little and turns off the desire to keep eating a little sooner. Okay, that seems to be true, and it’s really easy to do. It’s time to go drop a bagel in the toaster. … 12:23 That will be a bagel with cream cheese, sunflower butter, raspberry jam, and a half-cup of yogurt … It went down nicely as my typical breakfast. We will have lunch about 2 PM.

This post is an example of setting a goal in a way to get a positive feedback.