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I had a good day today! It began with an interesting discussion about “Freedom” and a successful completion of my January diet experiment at noon. I finished reading Barbara Tuchman’s book, The Proud Tower and went on a pleasant half-hour walk with Debbie. There had been a problem with the household heat pump failing last night but we were snug in bed overnight and the repairman came and fixed it before we felt too cold. Lunch and dinner were tasty with a glass of wine and a couple of high-end chocolates … so what’s my problem?

The Doomsday Clock goes RED

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock goes RED.

I’m feeling morose because I thought it time to blog about the Doomsday Clock running out. It seemed appropriate to google – H-bomb New York – and write a post to illustrate how devastating a single H-bomb would be and how our president’s hometown would be devastated. The idea was to make clear and personal that it’s a bad idea to threaten people with H-bombs who themselves have H-bombs. Some of those people may be crazy enough to strike first if they believe they are about to be hit themselves. They would try to deflect the blame by making it appear that some other group did the deed, but the destruction would fall on the US where it would hurt the most.

I have planned and written about what the human species might do to survive a major war under the title The EarthArk Project but it never gained any traction with any google searches. I can’t even find it myself without using the right search words. I can’t find the above image I created because there are so many paid advertising sites clogging the search.

I will be okay tomorrow but I worry about you.