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Imhotep, the Egyptian Pharaoh’s administrator, lived from about 2650–2600 BC and is the first sage known by name. From that ancient time there are still sayings in the Proverbs of the Bible that probably came from him, and even the Greek sage Socrates‘ (470 BC – 399 BC) dying words are a reference to Imhotep. Imhotep was so important to the ancient world that his works were still remembered 2,200 years after he was gone.


Imhotep philosopher

Infancy creates your basic self upon which the rest of your existence builds. — Being a child is fun because you are in control of things and people. — Being an adolescent is satisfying because you know you are recognized by your friends as being grown up and important. — Being an adult is wonderful because you now have life and liberty and you may pursue your happiness as you choose to do. — Being a mature person gives you the power to help many people, even people of your community that you may never know personally.  —

Being a sage gives one influence upon everything on Earth that comes after.