Infancy creates your basic self upon which the rest of your existence builds. — Being a child is fun because you are in control of things and people. — Being an adolescent is satisfying because you know you are recognized by your friends as being grown up and important. — Being an adult is wonderful because you now have life and liberty and you may pursue your happiness as you choose to do. — Becoming mature is even more fulfilling than being an adult because it gives you the opportunities to do things that interest you on a community-wide scale.  —

As a mature person, you have the opportunity to do more things you choose to do and to avoid doing more things you don’t want to do. You have the choice to help your community in a way that would never occur to you as an adult because as an adult your primary focus of attention is on growing your security through total economic worth and helping your family to flourish. Doing mature things would distract you from promoting your own personal growth and the growth of your loved ones. Even your legal opportunities probably expanded because you have the economic and social standing to do more things, that is, to do more things you realize will be helpful for everyone in your community.

As with becoming an adult, becoming mature has its disadvantages and in this case it’s because more people look to you for the things that make their lives more successful. Many times you might have the power to help them, but as your power increases the number of people making requests and demands upon you keeps growing. There may come a time when it is beyond your capacity to help a given individual without hurting another and you will be forced to choose who you help and whom you won’t. That will be burdensome because those you don’t help will resent your actions.

Being a mature person gives you the power to help many people, even people of your community that you may never know personally.