The proper use of the proper path cannot be described; yet
The Tao is so simple it appears to be insignificant. Even so,
Simple people cannot use the void intentionally.
When princes are viewed by the people,
While they are holding to the proper path
Everything in the world seems to obey them, of its own nature.
Both Heaven and Earth cooperate, and
A pleasant rain seems to be falling everywhere. And
The people cooperate eagerly of their natural inclinations.

When a force begins to create order,
It becomes observable and can be described.
When it is observed and described,
It will soon reach dynamic balance and harmonize.
When you know how a force will behave,
You can live with it in harmony.

When you personify the proper path of Tao
Before groups of people, you unite them,
Just as little streams and ponds are united by valleys
to form rivers and oceans.