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Infancy creates your basic self upon which the rest of your existence builds. — Being a child is fun because you are in control of things and people. — Being an adolescent is satisfying because you know you are recognized by your friends as being grown up and important. — Becoming an adult is even better because you now have the opportunity to make all of your own decisions and to set your life goals as you personally choose them to be.

Becoming an adult seems to come with more unpleasant responsibilities but on closer inspection, you had all of those responsibilities before, you just didn’t have the options of how to guide your choice of how to cope with them. As an adult you do get to choose if you go to school or not, where you live, even the country where you live, and your lifestyle. You have a choice of your job, and of your friends. You have a choice of your spouse and even of bringing your own children into existence. You even have many legal opportunities, such as what property to own, the right to create contracts, to vote for your government, and many more possibilities that you didn’t have as a child or an adolescent.

All of those opportunities may seem like they have created unwanted obligations, but they also give you the liberty to be a more complete person and thus to have more fun than a child could have, and to have more opportunities to prove your worth and thus to gain more status with your friends and community. You have much more control over your own prosperity and even your survival when you are coping with your problems as a responsible adult.

Being an adult is wonderful because you now have life and liberty and you may pursue your happiness as you choose to do.