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Every day is a new day and the time to adapt to the changed situation is always now. Today with a new administration in office the adaptations will probably be greater than usual, but as the stated goal is to make things better they probably will be better in some ways. With a different allocation of resources to make some things better, other things may not be as good.

Using the theory of antifragile as a guide, a person should design their situation in such a way that no matter which of the possible alternatives comes into being we can do okay or perhaps even prosper. The main idea is to have enough slack in the essential necessities such that when opportunities break either good or bad you can come out okay. That requires a physical supply of the right stuff and a mental preparedness to act promptly when the right signals are apparent. That means getting into the right flows of what’s happening and getting out of the wrong flows too. We should be aware of possibilities and act to get into an antifragile condition as early as possible.

Being prepared means having alternate uses ready for your mind and property.