A Dictionary of New Epigrams

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When external experiences are fixed we form habits for dealing with them.

We develop habits by responding to events with conscious actions.

A routine cultivated into a habit becomes our character or our vice.

A species’ habits are the foundations of its genetic changes and the behavior becomes encoded into their DNA. That happens because the habit then works even better.

Habits congealed into DNA responses are stronger than personal willpower.

Old habits can be overlain with new ones, but it takes a conscious effort in a response that perceives something that is slightly different about the stimulus.

A DNA-based habit easily becomes a compulsion.

We are oblivious to our habits until we encounter a stumbling stone.

To change a habit requires becoming aware of its precursors and changing your response to them.

When we get our routine going we become convinced it is the right way to go.

You won’t change a habit that is serving you well.

You can’t change a habit except by preventing its stimulus from getting to you.

A habit is like gravity. It attracts things and controls them.

Nothing is stronger than gravity.

You can grow habits just like you can grow flowers or weeds.

Cultivate the seeds of good little habits to grow them into mighty oaks of great ones.

Plant your tree where you want it to grow.

Our habits are the results of our environments and our responses to them, so choose environments and responses that will take you where you want to go.