I have aimed at saving the world many times. None of them have worked in any measurable way and yet we’re still here. Some of the grandiose attempts were:

As a USAF pilot, refusing to drop hydrogen bombs on people because it wouldn’t save America but destroy the whole world.

Self-publishing the book Tao and War which develops ideas for creating peace and avoiding war.

The Life Haven Project for saving a broad genetic group of humans on which to create a new humanity after a major war destroyed everyone else.

The Earth Ark Project for saving all of the seeds and other DNA possible deep-frozen at the top of Antarctica.

Probaway blog of Life Hacks ~ Many helpful hints on living your life more successfully.

Also when in Berkeley for fifty years my helping a dozen or more other people get their projects going. Many of them were quite successful, but none as grandiose as mine listed above. But now I am working on what may be the most practical and doable of all of those projects. Helping humanity to become more mature. The Maturing Humanity Project.

The basic idea of the Maturing Humanity Project is simply to help individuals to move toward greater personal maturity more quickly. When all humanity becomes more mature it will reach a state of greater happiness and a worldwide contentment. There is nothing new in the idea of helping people to mature except exposing a way to do it. For everyone to mature more quickly and be happier, more able, more valued, more productive, more nurturing, more encompassing, more universal. The way is not to push or pull others into something they don’t have any interest in doing. It is to expose them to something that is clearly more desirable than something else they might desire.

One principle for becoming more mature is to choose to engage in more mature activities when you have the opportunities.